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Category: Events

ENGAGE.EU’s Board of Learners Formed

February saw the formation of ENGAGE.EU’s Board of Learners (BoL). The Board will represent the interests of our learners’ group, which consists of over 100K students, alumni, and lifelong learners. Here, each member institution has a delegation of two representatives, which amounts to a total of 14 BoL members. One BoL member holds a seat on ENGAGE.EU’s Governing Board, and two further members take part in the Executive Committee.

ENGAGE.EU Student Representatives: ‘Three Years of Change and Possibilities Lie Ahead’

Here is what ENGAGE.EU’s student representatives think about the beginning of an ENGAGING age: ‘We see tremendous opportunities in the ENGAGE.EU alliance, whether it is forming thoughts about solutions to contemporary European challenges, or the development of innovative teaching formats. Students’ input, which we will deliver through the student representative board of ENGAGE.EU, is crucial in developing the desired shared learning initiatives where students are enabled to collaborate with each other and society, both physically and digitally’. Read more from the official Statement of the Student Representatives of ENGAGE.EU.

ENGAGE.EU Project Proposal Submitted

We are proud to announce that our seven universities take part in the European Universities initiative of the ERASMUS+ Call for proposals 2020 (EAC-A02-2019) submitting the “ENGAGE.EU – The European University Engaged in Societal Change” project proposal.

ENGAGE.EU Universities’ Rectors/Presidents (from left to right): Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov (Rector of UNWE), Prof. Dr. Øystein Thøgerson (Rector of NHH), Prof. Dr. David Alary (First Vice President of UT1), Prof. Dr. Edeltaud Hanappi-Egger (Rector of WU), Prof. Dr. Andrea Prencipe (Rector of LUISS), Prof. Dr. Klaas Sijtsma (Rector of TilU), and Prof. Dr. Thomas Puhl (President of UMA).